FSE 2012 rump session

The FSE 2012 rump session took place Tuesday 20 March 2012. Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange served as chairs.

The call for submissions has been archived on a separate page.

16:30Bart PreneelBart PreneelIACR Status Updateslides
16:37Anne CanteautAnne CanteautFSE 2012 best papersslides
16:39Marc StevensMarc StevensSHA-1: exact joint local collision analysis & new attacksslides
16:42Florian Mendel, Tomislav Nad, Vincent Rijmen, Martin SchläfferMartin SchläfferUpdate on SHA-256slides
16:45Nicolas T. CourtoisNicolas T. CourtoisFaster Attacks on Full GOSTslides
16:51Florian Mendel, Vincent Rijmen, Elmar TischhauserElmar TischhauserA Trivial Attack on McOE-Xslides
16:55Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja LangeTanja LangeDIAC - Directions In Authenticated Ciphers http://hyperelliptic.org/DIAC/slides
16:59Tetsu Iwata, Lei WangTetsu IwataASKslides
17:03Andrey BogdanovAndrey BogdanovSPACE 2012slides
17:04Nicky MouhaNicky MouhaMaximum Probability Output Differences for ARXslides
17:09Dustin Moody, Souradyuti Paul and Daniel Smith-ToneSouradyuti PaulIntroducing the Banana Bound and Beyond-Birthday-Barrier Security of the JH Modeslides
17:16Bart MenninkBart MenninkOn the Collision and Preimage Security of MDC-4 in the Ideal Cipher Modelslides
17:20Daniel J. BernsteinDaniel J. BernsteinThe HMAC brawlslides
17:27Jian Guo and Thomas PeyrinJian Guo and Thomas PeyrinFast Software Encryption 2013slides